The First Win

When I started this Freshernation last year, all that I dreamt was I should be able to provide a job to a Fresher and start his career. I can proudly say that, I have achieved that. As I write this, He is working for a company with an handsome pay. I am so happy at his achievements. I had the same feeling of happiness that I got when I joined my first job after listening to his job placement.

This has taken time, to be precise more than 10 months of our combined efforts. Taking into consideration the liking of the student and the availability of the job in the market.

I have realised the following in the process:

a. We are not sure of what we want in our life
b. We get many opportunity at the same time when we become prepared
c. Life gets tougher when you pursue what you really like
d. You end up getting what you really want

As I said, this day happens to be special for me. I have tasted a small success and it is just the beginning. 🙂

As of today, I have about 80 friends in my mailing list. (To add yourself to the mailing list, please subscribe by email. I would be happy and you will get goodies in future.) I have close to 500 friends liking my facebook page. I would like all those friends adding themselves to my email list. It would be a great thing.

From here, what next.

I am a very ambitious dreamer. I dream of a place where everyone is happy with fulfilling job, a nice career, a healty lifestyle and a good family. To make this dream come true, I will do my bit of helping others in my way.

I would start a thread on facebook for guiding freshers. I prefer someone who is in first year of engineering. I will choose at least 100 of them and train them so that they can start their own company by the end of their engineering term.

Looking forward to it.

Help me to Help you. Please spread this word. I would be glad if you are a messenger. Thank you.

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