News that left me stunned

I got a message from my student of the “Mentorship Program” which read – “So many students are waiting near the door step of yours for getting a brother and guide like you :)”

This is a story of an engineering graduate. He was a hard working chap. Due to various circumstances, he did not get a good score in his engineering degree nor in his academics through out. He met me and told me that he is interested in job, that was the time i was contemplating of quitting my company and starting my own startup. But then, I was not prepared and I was very scared. I told him, I dont have money to pay you but I will guide you to be a better engineer. He did not fizzle out, He was game.

WE started working together. We both were interested in Android App Development and I bought templates and decided to start working on our plan. WE did start out well and did some app and he did get a full time job in a hardware company and I encouraged him to do his bit and learn the trade. He learnt how to assemble the system and was infact good at it.

Fast forward 6 months, I start my own startup and I call him to work with me. He was in constant touch with me during the time, updated me his progress and his passion for programming was clear. He did struggle as we all do but then he did not give up.  He was a slow learner but then I appreciated his enthusiam. He used to get stuck and was always seeking help from others. If he did not get, then he would give up.

It takes time for me to understand. I understand his methods of working. It does not come naturally to me to understand, I fumble and learn and do my own experiments to motivate him and make sure he does his best. I take about a month’s time to know exactly how it all fits in. Then one day, I do talk to him and he starts. He fumbles a lot and then does things in a better manner. It was not sufficient enough. I keep nudging him to make him better. I scold him, compare him with others and try all sorts of techniques so that he gets better.

After about 6 months, he is determined to beat the rest of the crowd. He works hard, day in and day out and now, I can proudly say that he is in hte right direction in becoming a good programmer. He needs time and patience with himself  and under my guidance, I am sure that he will etch a place for himself in the coming months.

This is what we can achieve. Today’s message gives me more confidence to believe in my program and gives me that enthusiam to march forward and help many individuals to come up in life.

I am very happy to start this new year with such an amazing experience. Thank you for letting me help you to grow. Looking forward to many more such amazing experiences.

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