Meditation Helps a Lot

Wake up Early in the morning. This one habit could help you in long run.

We are accustomed to habits that might be good or bad. Breaking it is itself a big challenge.

I believe that Meditation is the first step to bring about a new change in yourself.

Meditation is nothing but observing thoughts.

Deep Sleep is a best state for your body just that your mind shuts down.

Meditation is a state where you are in deep sleep but your mind is awake.

Being Mindful of your thoughts will guide you to be on top of your actions and urges. To be mindful, you need to meditate.


How To Meditate?

  • Wake Up Early.
  • Dedicate 1 minute every day say just after you brush your teeth for meditation.
  • Sit somewhere you get some sun shine and it is not noisy.
  • Make yourself comfortable – Sit on whatever suits best for you. Take Back support if needed.
  • Focus on your breathe.


How to Focus on BREATHE?

  • Sit Upright Straight.
  • Breathe In.
  • Focus on your Nostrils as you breathe in.
  • Focus on your throat
  • Focus on your lungs
  • Breathe Out.
  • Focus on your lungs
  • Focus on your throat
  • Focus on your Nostrils as you breathe out.
  • Count till 10 if that helps and start over after 10. 1 for breathe in, 2 for breathe out, 3 for breathe in and so on.
  • While Counting, if you lose track of your counts. It is fine. Start over from 1.
  • There are cent percent chances that you can’t focus on your breathe. It is fine. Just guide back your mind to focus on breathe.


Practice and you will get the hang of it one day.

Practice meditation regularly. Meditation leads to eternal bliss. Therefore meditate, meditate.
-Swami Sivananda

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