About Me

Hi All,

A warm welcome to my site.

Short Story

I was born in a middle class family in Bangalore. I had the inspirations of becoming a guy who works on computer from the early days of my life.

Computer fascinated me; Writing programs and playing games was something that I loved.

I did my schooling and college in Bangalore.

I was a good kid at studies. I passed my engineering in computer science with First Class with Distinction.

I got campus placed. I let go of it.

I tried for off campus placement for 5 months. Those were my 5 long months in life. Life was dragging. I got placed with a meager salary.

After about an year, I got hike and promotion. In about 2 years, I shifted to a new company.

After getting hikes and promotion; was working in that company for 3 years, I was happy.

Life screws up.

My company was taken over by big company and I was moved to a new team.

Life was a struggle personally and professionally I was doing good and got a hike.

Big company decides to shut down the project I was in.

I move to a different company. I don’t like the culture in that company. I quit.

Life Changes.

I join an awesome start-up. With big dreams and no absolute direction in life, I join. I make my way.

In the mean while, I buy a property and become myself chained to EMI.

I quit the startup and join another startup and another … the journey continues till this day.

This website will be fostering me to do what I wanted to do always!

Share my experience and Help Others in a small way which will help them to create wonders.

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