Current Education System in India

When I said that most of our engineering institutes are not educating the youth. People found it offending.

Let me show you an example.

Please visit :

The students have completed four years of engineering and have again requested funds to study Java.

You would think I am crazy. But honestly,

“Rs.87000 to take up a Java programming course offered by Talent Sprint, a three-month course which will train them in all aspects of Java programming and also impart communication skills and personality development”

I am not pretty sure whether these guys will become employable and get job and repay the loan amount.

My Question is, What did the students do for four years?

If Students were not aware, what were the teachers doing for four years?

Is it not Teachers/Students responsibility?

Students might blame the teachers, but my question is, How on Earth could you let others ruin your future?

This is predominant. These guys are brave enough to come up and admit and try to change the course of life.

There are many students who don’t know what to do next without a job.

Do you really think that one has to do Engineering to code???


I am not happy with such developments.

This is precisely the reason why I want to be here and help as many people as possible.

Let me show you what others are doing around the world:

“From a non-technical guy with an idea to building one the Time’s Top 50 sites of 2013, Sam Fellig’s story is nothing less than magical. But the founder of says anyone can learn, as long as they stay positive.”

A guy who does not know what is coding, creates a top 50 site where as in India we do engineering for four years and then again want to pay and learn JAVA so that we can code and become employable :(.


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