Job Hunting

There are two scenarios:

a. You run to every other friend/acquiantance seeking help to get a job or run around knocking the doors of many companies with Resume in hand for a job.

b. You get called by MNC/Startup head hunters (HR Rep) and have multiple offers and you are spoilt for choices as to which job offer you have to choose.

Which do you prefer ?

If your answer is a. then I guess you are doing just fine. Keep doing that.

If your answer is b. then I will give you some suggestions.

1. Start Coding from the first day of your undergraduate course and keep coding. (Don’t Stop Coding even if you become the CEO/CTO of a company)

2. Give importance to Algorithms and Data Structures – Learn exactly how the algorithm is devised and how to use Data Structures

3. Solve many riddles and puzzles

4. Have Github and stackoverflow profile – BE active on these sites

5. Contribute to Open Source Software

6. Work on Linux Kernel or Device Driver

7. Fork an Open Source Project

8. Be Part of one or two Framework Community – Choose Wisely

9. Write a blog – Update regularly. Subject could be of anything under the sun that interests you.

10. Let me iterate once again – Keep Coding

By the way, nothing happens overnight. If you want to get a job, BE Worthy of IT.

If you can do at least few mentioned suggestions then I am sure you will be far better job seeker. PERIOD.

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