How To Apply For Job

While applying for jobs, one can do the following:

a. Randomly apply for job wherever there are openings

b. Pick and choose and then apply for a job

I don’t have much to offer if your option is choice a) but i have some suggestions if you think option b) makes sense to you.

1. Know your strengths. You should exactly know what you are good at.

2. Be Confident about your strengths.

3. Search online for the companies that suit your interest and strengths.

  • Search on google for job portals – this will lead you to companies which are having openings
  • Search on Linkedin (Other job portals) for that company – this will lead you to positions
  • Visit the company site and check for the details

4. Apply for the job

  • Generally drop the resume we will get back approach won’t work
  • Try to get HR department references in that company
  • Mail them directly your resume with a cover letter

5. You have about a minute or so to impress the recruiter

  • Keep your cover letter crisp – Have different cover letters for different company
  • Resume should be less than 2 pages
  • Highlight your strengths

6. Apply to as many companies as possible

  • Best Case – Call for an interview
  • Worst Case – No Call

7. Depending on your experience you will be scheduled a telephonic interview or face to face interview

8. Keep Track of the companies that you applied for and the outcome

Good to Have

1. Have a site with online resume and cover letter and share with recruiters

2. Have some demo apps/programs on your site

3. Share the logic online with other people who come to your site

4. Show to the world that you have the capability to do stuff


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