What I learned after doing Four years of Engineering

One of the most important phase of life is “Being Student”. The Four years of Engineering is most precious. There is so much to learn and there is so much fun in learning. If we don’t utilize it then we are wasting our future. It decides the future of every individual who decides to become an ENGINEER.

Syllabus : http://vtu.ac.in/pdf/ugScheme2011/cssyll.pdf

I Year

I had dreamt of becoming an engineer when I was in 7th Std. The dream was coming true as i enter the gates of the college. I had not bothered about IIT, I did not want to struggle and clear IIT-JEE. I was not aware of IIT till i was in 12 Std and i never had even dreamt of joining premier institutions. My dad had told me that, if you want to study you will study from any college and he used to give example of Sir M. Vishweshwariah. I also believed in it.

First Semester : I used to work hard and get good marks in my school and I continued the same. I did get good marks and i did not bother to do anything other than studies and Computer Games. I always loved games. I used to play day and night Age of Empires. It was my favourite game.

Second Semester : Studies was good. I did really well. I was amongst the top ten students in the class room. It was established that I can get marks in engineering. My parents were happy. I did nothing other than Studying the syllabus. I was introduced to computer graphics. I loved the programming part of it. I wanted to have an algorithm by my name.

II Year

I loved Mathematics. It was one of my favourite subject. I could write exams in my dreams without preparing for the same.

How life went by, it is all same.

Third Semester : I was introduced to Logic Design and Data Structures. I read these subjects to clear the exams and not bother about anything else.

Fourth Semester : I loved Graph Theory and I was way too good at it. I was introduced to Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Unix Shell programming and Computer Organisation. I did not do anything useful in this semester other than clearing the exams and maintaining the percentage. I hated Microprocessor. I realised i am not cut out for electronics.

III Year

I have a discussion with a prof and he says Computer is one such subject which does not have to be theory. IT is always practical. I so believed in him. This is only thing i think made sense in my entire engineering.

Fifth Semester : Software Engineering was all theory. System Software was interesting. Operating System was Awesome. I loved the way the software was controlling the hardware. Life was given to hardware. I was fascinated by the whole process.

Sixth Semester : I loved Unix.

All set for job hunting (Campus Placements). I was one of the good students and I did not have any social skills or oratory skills or communication skills to crack the Placement easily. I used to clear most of the interview process if it was written and I was good at problem solving. When it comes to talking to people, my throat use to dry and I use to not even speak properly. I screwed first few interviews like this. I was scared like crazy and felt dejected since I was good at studies and did not clear the interviews.

Some how I got placed in a MNC with a good package. I was happy.

IV Year

I just wanted to clear the exam so that I can start working.

Seventh Semester : I did not bother to study even one subject.

Eighth Semester : I got project in one of the Reputed Organisations to do the project and I completed in flying colors.

What have I learnt in four years of engineering? To be honest, I don’t know. I did not have a clue as to focus in which subject or do what with my life. I became an engineer without learning anything properly. I am not ashamed of it but then, this is not right. I did not seek guidance from my seniors or any mentors. I think that is my biggest mistake till date.

Now, If I had an option to do engineering. What would have I done?

I would have done the following :

  • Learn one programming language thoroughly.
  • Contribute to open source projects.
  • Experiment and find what I want to do rest of my life without getting bored.
  • Have a MENTOR to guide me.
  • Learn one or two subjects thoroughly. So that I can become a master in them.
  • Solve one real life problem.
  • Give importance to Communication Skills and Soft Skills.
  • Work Hard and be sincere.

Without experimenting and making hands dirty nothing is possible. It is not possible to connect the dots looking front. I had no clue what to do, what was my interests. Nothing. I should have learnt basics and made my fundamentals strong. I should know what I am doing. I should have known What to do rest of my life.

Engineering days decides what you can become. Use it wisely.

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