Is Mentor Needed

As a Student, there is lot of time at hand and “Time” is one of the most important resource. Not many realise it and acknowledge it. At this point, why need a mentor when a senior is there or a friend or a lecturer or a professor who can guide from darkness to light.

Let us start with Senior : He is just a year or two older to you. What can he teach you? A lesson or make the concepts clear. What more can he be of guide to you since he himself is figuring it out.

How about friend : He is just as good as you.

How about Lecturer or Professor : They will be able to guide you off the field. They will tell you without certainty that you can do something with certain outcome. Which might be right. But then, it is a chance that you are taking.

Who is a Mentor? Mentor is someone who has already traveled in the path that you plan to travel. He will be able to guide you at the right time as to what needs to be done next. He will be able to tell you in your language what is next that can happen. He or She will be that person who has already cleared up the route so that you can go on it without any fear in an untrodden jungle.

Is she needed? My thoughts are that, Yes very much needed. I will tell you the reasons for the same.

A person who has been in the field for long enough to guide you since she knows it inside-and-out, and most importantly, knows the connections in the field that you are going to play. In any case, she is way better than you and she will be an added extra advantage for you if she plays along with you and guide you in the right direction.

She can inspire you to become better in something that you are already working on. It is very hard to find inspiration from other channels other than from within us. It is the lonely battle that we fight in order to become better without realising that we are fighting our own self. If someone comes and helps out in that battle, it can be won more easily.

Information is everything in this digital age. And if you know that specific information that could help you to be better than the rest of the crowd, that is an added advantage for you. This piece of crucial information can be provided by her. She knows what information can help you in a way that you won’t realise.

She can see the path that you want to travel and also, she will be able to guide you. It is easy for her to tell you go in this direction than you figuring it yourself. She knows that cause, she has already been in that path and also knows the pitfalls that you are going to face and she knows to guide you so that you don’t fall in that pitfall.

She will be able to set goals and guide you in the process. She will be able to help you see the problems in a new light.

She will become your good friend. 🙂

I was thinking of helping students and freshers. Hence I have started Mentorship Program. If you are interested in the same, please do mail me.

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