Bright Kid not getting a job

Today I had a very interesting discussion with my friend. I was proudly talking about my project. I was telling about why did i start this project. What is the whole premise with which I got into this field. To my utter surprise, this is what came out.

Brightest kid in my class did not get a job after completing her engineering.

About the student, she was one of the brightest kid scoring very good marks. She is not the kind who byhearts and vomits on the paper. She was one of students who actually learnt things properly and was able to explain to other kids in school.

Why hasn’t she able to crack the interview and land up in a job? This always happens with kids who have excellent academic records but no soft skills. They do all the things right but then they dont care to develop soft skills that is as important as other skills.

For example, you might be the best in coming up with solutions to solve a problem. If you are not able to explain to other people clearly then there will always be a doubt about the authenticity of your efforts. Today is the day of plagarism, everything gets copied everywhere. If the interviewer is not convinced about your efforts then there is no way to prove your merit.

Is cracking a job interview difficult. I would say “No”. Everything needs a plan and hard work. If you are a hard working student then I would say it will be very easy for you to get the Job. Just that you should know what clicks and what does not with the interviewer and face the interview with confidence.


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