Worth the Struggle

What is it that you want out of life? You want to live a happy and easy life, to look perfect and make money and become famous.

To build a career, you have to put in more efforts right from the beginning. In the intial days, you need to work for more than 70 hours a week to learn the basics right. You got to put in that extra effort to gather the knowledge that makes you better compared to others in the organisation. The skills that is required to survive in an organisation may be easy to acquire but then what matters is the effort that is needed to shine in any organisation. There are no short cuts to hard work.

People want to have a fancy job which pays them out of the roof but then they dont want to work hard to reach there. They think that if they skip the hard work and find short cuts they may be able to reach the top and sometimes it is possible to reach on top by sheer luck but then, it wont help you stay there for long. If you dont struggle through the drudgeries of job, it may not be easy for you to stay at top and do a good job there at that level.

No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there.

-Steve Jobs

This quote from Steve Jobs always reminds me of the thing that even if people want badly something they dont want to do certain things just because it is difficult to do. But then what they dont realise at the beginning is that without that struggle they will not get what they want.

Struggle is always a good thing. It tells you at the end, what you really wanted. If you dont go through the struggle, probably it was not what you wanted in the first place. If everything looks rosy and it is very easy then you are not doing it to your full potential.

In life there are testing times where you got to push yourself and struggle and make your way out. This teaches you a lot in life and also, you will learn the best the life can offer. If you decide to great stuff then there will be a greater struggle.

Every second of Struggle in Life is worth it. Make it count.

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