Leap of Faith

Faith is needed for everyone. It is something that we all lack at times.

FAITH – Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

I met close to about 40 students in a span of 3 months. Not one student had the courage to stand by himself and do things on his own. It is a shame, what our education system is doing to us. When I graduated from engineering, I did not have the confidence to start something on my own. I was very scared about my life and dream of making money. All that i expected from engineering was not being an engineer but a means to make money. I did exceptionally well for an engineering graduate to make money and I hardly bothered about being an engineer.

These ten years have taught me how to be an engineer, it is one thing that has made a big difference in my life. I have realised the value of being an Engineer and not a money making machine. We all need money for our comfort and to lead a peaceful life. Once you make enough money, what next? It is hard to find the enough in your life. You can never say that, it is enough but then some where you will be able to say “Enough”. You got to stick with that thought.

Now that i have realised what can be achieved, I want to go full fledged in that direction. I don’t like the way the engineers are being taught. I want to see a difference in ways engineers are being taught and mentored. I want to infuse the confidence in them and make them believe in themselves. I will be that change that I wanted when I was in my college. All that i wanted someone to say was, I will guide you and pay you little money, go live your dreams. I would have figured out what I wanted eventually without going for a job.

I have decided to mentor about 200 odd students in the next six months, so that they can live their dreams. My ways are not conventional and I am going to be hard on them. I am a good task master. But then, I am confident that they will become an engineer in future and not just a money making machine.

I expect you to have Faith in me and join me to become the next generation of engineers. Look no behind, lets do something big in life. Lets build a FRESHERNATION.

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