Do you love coding

Have you tried your hands on coding. Do you like it? Do you love it? When I was in my college i did not give it a try. A SERIOUS TRY. Most of the time, I did not know whether I liked coding or not. Only after I came out of engineering, I did try my luck with coding. This is not the right thing to do. But then, that is how it was. Now also, most of the guys are like that. They don’t try coding seriously till they are out of college.

I have met many students who are not eager to work on their academic projects seriously. They take help always and some people go a step ahead and buy projects without doing anything on their own. I am not sure how this could be of any help to any one (other than the guy who does the project for students for money).

The current curriculum of most the engineering colleges seems to be decent but then most of the students don’t get the needed support. The quality of the engineering depends on the lecturers and students. Assuming both are good, we should at least have one startup mushrooming from every college other than IIT and some premier institute. Is that happening, a question to ponder.

Why most of the students are not doing the academic projects is a good problem to solve for an entrepreneur. There is no dearth of problems in the Computer Science World but then the support that has to be provided to the students is not easily avaliable. A lecturer doesn’t have enough time to guide the students in their own problems. This becomes a major hurdle and mostly the students like to engage with someone who has actually have done hands on.

The Students should take up coding seriously. They should try various opportunities in coding and start the coding career very early in their student world. There are various free resources for the coding champ.

Let’s start coding. You will realise is it worth falling in love with Coding 🙂

PS: If you are student who needs a Guide for your academic project. Please feel free to reach to me.

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