Start Coding

Coding seems hard till the time you are away from it. Take the plunge is all I am saying. 🙂

To begin with, dont fret about the huge no. of options that you have. Hold on to one of the languages that you are comfortable with and get deeper in it. My suggestion is to start with HTML + CSS. This is a good begining since you can see what you do and this gives you a good start into the coding world.

Start simple and there are ample video tutorials available for free. You try at least a dozen of them and see what suits best for you. Once you get a tutorial that suits your needs make a note of the Tutor and keep following her to understand the concepts. You have to make sure that you don’t imitate them, instead understand the concepts that lie beneath and start coding. The intention of the entire exercise is “You got to LEARN” and NOT COPY EXECUTE THE CODE. Most of the students make mistake here. They just execute the code and that is not going to help in any way.

Understanding what happens inside the system and how the code written makes system behave is more important than just meagre “executing” the code. Just write one line of code but make sure you understand why you wrote that. Instead of that if you just copy paste the tutor’s piece of code, you will be able to see the output on the screen but then you will not understand what just happened in front of your eyes.

When I started coding, this was one big mistake that I did. I just copy pasted mostly without understanding. I used to be excited when I get “Learn XYZ in 24 hours” books and I did execute many such XYZ programs without Learning anything. Most of the time, I just executed the programs and there ends my Learning. I thought executing programs will help me learn the language but then it does not happen that way.

Learning is a discpline that many of us wont have. It is about working hard and spending time to understand the concepts. We may fail to understand the concepts initially but then there will be a day if you persevere you will definitely be able to understand the concepts. Just be patient with yourself and dont give up however hard it seem to be.

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