Why this project?

I always wanted someone to guide me.

The whole world of engineering was exhilarating. I did not know what to do. I was in a jungle with my eyes blind-folded.

I wanted some help to facilitate my thinking and to proceed further in my academics and also in my career.

I was 18 years old with a good Common Entrance Test (CET) ranking and was destined to become an engineer.

My parents were not aware of how to guide me as they were not someone who knew the various fields and options in life. All that mattered to them was, their son should be an engineer. And I became an engineer in four years.

When I look back at the four years of my engineering, I find that our education system is not helping us to become independent. It takes away our self-confidence and makes us crave for job.

There are many articles that says that the youth today are not employable.






The education system is bad and we have done everything right in society terms and still we as a whole are labelled “UNEMPLOYABLE”.

Who are they to decide whether we are employable or not? They are the guys with jobs and hence they decide that.

It is very shocking but that is the truth.

Now, let me tell you about outsourcing myths. You might be questioning me, If your claim is true that only few percentage of engineering youth is employable then why does US and other developed nation fear about Outsourcing.

I had similar doubts and I scoured the net to get some relevant data.

Please watch this video :


Now, this poses a question, “Why are we Unemployable?”

There must be something wrong with our society and education if we have to think logically.

No one takes responsibility of our future neither the society nor the education that we have. We have struggled and worked hard and got good grades and lastly we are labelled unemployable.

So I want to fix this issue of employability and hence I started this project.

It is very close to my heart.

I am not going to give you scam-my ideas or overnight stuff that if you do, you will be employable. It is a long process. It does take time. Please stop visiting this site if you think things happen overnight. I am not a magician or wizard and this is no wizardry. It involves hard work and time. I promise you that you will be better than yourself before visiting this site.

What will I achieve? Happiness; by providing graduates who are pursuing any degree course/professional course a little support, so that they can take informed decisions about their future.

Some things to ponder over :






Thank you.

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