Become an Engineer

The word “Engineer” is derived from the Latin words ingeniare (“to contrive, devise”) and Ingenium (“cleverness”).

Clarity of thoughts is essential as to why we are seeking the course. It is easy in India to have any degree, as many colleges exist, and entrance to these courses is unrestricted. I have interacted with students pursuing graduation or just about to enter the graduation course. Most of the students lack clarity. 

I don’t blame the students. The Indian education system ensures students are not encouraged to question and seek answers themselves. Students are not encouraged to follow their dreams and do courses that build their confidence. Without a clear picture as to why we are studying and what we are learning, there will be no progress in life. 

Most of the students take up engineering courses. Most of the students are the first graduates in the family, and it is every parent’s dream to make their wards either an engineer or doctors. I don’t blame the parents as very few of the parents are well educated and can help the students. The rest of the crowd won’t be of any help to the students. Being first-time graduates, they are bound to make mistakes. 

The essential qualification for an engineer is a love for mathematics and the ability to solve problems. If you are not keen on either, it indicates that you have chosen something you will hate for the rest of your life. 

Engineering is about building stuff that matters to you and others. When building stuff, one is presented with challenges and the ability to solve problems is tested. The outcome shows how well you have understood the problem and what is the solution that you have proposed. 

Engineering is all about solving problems and building solutions. Becoming an engineer ensures we do what is needed to solve the problem. 

The start may not be as pleasant as one desires, and the path to building great stuff takes its own sweet time, but then the most important thing is learning and acquiring the right skills to solve the problem. 

Becoming an engineer starts with the right attitude, understanding problems and proposing solutions. 

A problem has many solutions. The circumstances, resources and efficiency decide the best choice of solution. 

To become an Engineer, one has to be a keen observer, a good thinker and a problem solver.

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